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  Welcome to M-Pay


Welcome to ‘M-Pay’ The World of Card Less Payments
In today's hectic and competitive world where a new born child is nourished by palm PCs and fed on canned baby foods, it has become an imperative feature for all to shed many "Unnecessary Luggage" in daily life. Your wallet might have many debit and credit cards that might make even a veteran pickpocket confused. You can avoid the wallet but what about your cash cards will be cash less without them.

With M-Pay you will not! If you have your mobile you have the cash convience.

M-PAY is a novel and modern payment service system that is more secure than any card …ever introduced. M-PAY enables you to make hassle-free transactions in a unique manner. It lets you shop without cash in your wallet, pay utility bills, pay for your food, and recharge your mobile and what more, all at your fingertips.


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